Drumming Team Building News

It’s happening!! Wow, a few years World travel and plenty of events in the meantime, we are back in action in the UK and EXCITED for the coming year because the Olympics are going to BRAZIL and that means more DRUMMING AND DRUMMING TEAM BUILDING!!!

We spent a few month in Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and California playing and very much enjoying it! Now it’s time to bring our beats back to the UK and maybe your team building event!


BassToneSlap has been enjoying a few changes just lately. We’re proud to announce that we’re now working with a number of drumming groups around the world to bring you the right performance or team building experience for your event.

What does this mean? It means that based on your requirments you will get drummers specifically selected to suit your event.

Looking forward to drumming for you!


The summer has been full of drumming performances all over the UK, in London, Manchester, Cardiff, Glasgow, Birmingham to name but a few. Some of our favorite performances have been drumming at the Twenty 20 cricket matches! Our role was to entertain the sport enthusiasts as they arrived at the matches and then to perform on the pitch during the interval.

And, we’d like to congratulate and thank all of those happy couples that invited us to drum at their weddings! Thank you!

JULY 2010

We’re just filmed our Dragons’ Den follow up show so you will be able to get a behind the scence look at our company and what we’ve been up to over the last 12 months.

You can expect to see footage from our drumming performance at the Twenty 20 cricket in Sussex, one of our recent 80 person drumming team building events in leeds and even a footage from one of our rehearsals at the BassToneSlap headquarters.

Contact us now to find out more about how we can help you create a successful event experience.

APRIL 2010

We have recently enjoyed one of our greatest performances to date!

The Royal Concert Hall in Nottingham enjoyed an opening drumming performance by BassToneSlap.

You’ve seen our hand-made, gigantic orange bass drums right? Well, check our ‘Case Studies’ soon for fantastic images of our brand new hand made percussion tubes which we unleashed on the world last night!


OK, so we (and you!) had fun in Covent Garden with American Express (To check out videos and a write up click here) but what’s next?

We’re now offering sponsorship opportunities of our performances and teambuilding events. We’re reaching bigger and bigger audiences and this opportunity is now something we’d like to extend to a select number of brands.

To find out more about this opportunity contact us now and ask for Rich.

We’re going to be making a loud noise in 2010, performing all over the world at events like the World Indoor Athletics Championships (Doha, Qatar), Altitude Festival (Meribel, France). We’re proactively getting booked up for festivals all over the world so we guarantee significant and focused exposure.

This sponsorship could buy you fully integrated experiential marketing campaigns, drum & clothing branding, guerrilla activities, online presence, sampling opportunities and bespoke experiential campaigns. 2010 is exciting, we’re ready to make an impact! Are you?

For further information and if you’re interested in exploring this sponsorship relationship with BassToneSlap contact us now starting your message with ‘Sponsorship Opportunity’.


On Sunday the 22nd of November YOU can experience BassToneSlap at Covent Garden!

In an event brought to you by BassToneSlap and American Express, we are going to be running a series of drumming experiences for you in Covent Garden, London. Come and watch our performances and even join in.


Our feature in the Telegraph describes the event:
“Have you always wanted to be able to play music, but never picked up an instrument? In a unique event at London’s Covent Garden, American Express is giving you the chance to unlock your creativity by inviting you to play the drums.

Come and play along with top drumming troupe BassToneSlap – you’ll start a novice and leave being able to play a well known rhythm.”

Join us on Sunday 22 November from 11am – 3pm at Covent Garden’s East Piazza. “