Who we are

The Business…

A business in existence because of a shared love for playing drums and the phenomenal experience that is drumming. We now want you to enjoy this experience and for you to take everything there is to be gained from it.

BassToneSlap are the drumming team building provider of choice, the business that designs and implements experiential marketing campaigns through rhythm and percussion and a business known for putting skills back into the wider community by satisfying their clients CSR obligations.

BassToneSlap will provide musicians that are fully aware of the bigger picture of your event. We get it. We understand that we’re there to give an outstanding performance, that’s a given. We also understand that there are often other stakeholders involved and that our representation spreads wider.

Success is drumming through life, success is growing a passion into business, success is sharing the positive health benefits created through drumming with the world!

The Drummers…

All of the team building facilitation and performances are delivered by skilled musicians and performers who have been, and will continue to be carefully sourced. The aim of this is to maintain and exceed a professional standard of facilitation and performance, and to pass on relevant and accurate knowledge.

Richard Enion – www.RichEnion.com

BassToneSlap Richard Enion

With a background in Business Information Systems and a diploma in Powerful Communication Skills, Rich has been drumming for more than 16 years in different parts of the world including Argentina, Australia, the USA and the Caribbean. During his travels Rich would pack his bags and turn up at the country of his choice – it would only be a matter of time before he was fully submerged in the music community of the given location. His experience ranges from studio recording with named producers, teaching one to one, to gigging on the beach (those were the days…), oh, and of course facilitating drumming team building workshops, choreographing and performing with BassToneSlap!

Having lived, played and worked in these diverse worlds Rich has life and work experience greatly outweighing his age. His extensive live performance experience brings spontaneity and high energy, while his studio experience brings discipline and control.

“I got a taste for travel when I was 18 and always end up drumming wherever I am…”

http://www.RichEnion.com for Rich’s Blog. Also follow him on Twitter by clicking here.

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