American Express

Four hours of drumming-fueled Experiential Marketing!

What better way to gain exposure to your target market than to give them an exciting new experience with drumming. In Covent Garden, London, we delivered a massively successful experiential marketing campaign working with Red Consulting and Momentum.

The event, part of American Express’ Realise the Potential campaign, integrated both online and offline marketing.

Editorials, newspaper advertising, London Underground billboards created awareness. 4 hours of back-to-back 10 minute drumming workshops with street performers and brand ambassadors handing out branded drumsticks made up the experiential element.

This was all topped with a strategic online presence to drive people to their website where by participants could download images of themselves!

Click on this link followed by ‘Drumming’ to view the online presence:

In addition to this the event was filmed then farmed out to trusted bloggers who gave the event a everlasting existence on youtube.

We also filmed a short video about the instruments we use and what we do:

A fully integrated experiential marketing campaign!