Mayor of London’s Skyride

Experiential Marketing and Performance Case Study

You might have noticed that sunny day in September 2009 when ‘Skyride’ rocked London, giving 65,000 cyclists an unforgettable opportunity to ride some of the world’s most famous streets, traffic free, and show their communal love for the bicycle.

Our client, so impressed with our 3 piece performance that we provided for Skyride Leicester, requested two large drumming bands to perform in the ‘Loud Zone’ at both entrances to Upper Thames Street Underpass, just opposite the Tate Modern.

Here is a snippet from a report by Eddie Allen & Belinda Sinclair on the British Cycling website:

“At one point I climbed to the top of Blackfriars bridge and was bowled over by the sea of cyclists flowing into Blackfriars Tunnels, which had been turned into a sonic experience courtesy of Skyride’s ‘Go Loud’ drummers.”

This photo was taken outside the Space Centre at Leicester’s Skyride event:


It was a fantastic event, the air was clean and there were thousands and thousands of happy cyclists passing by us throughout our 6 hour marathon drumming performance:!

If you’re interested in adding our energy to your event, or even creating an event based around our performance: contact us now and we can talk about what you want.