Now we have the answer to (almost) everything you need to know just before you book!
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What are my drumming performance options?
3 Drummers
Perfect for adding a spicy background texture to your event, party, wedding or reception. 3 x 30 minute performances or up to an hour of champagne reception. By selecting our 3 piece performance.

Latin Experience
5 drummers playing a more traditional Latin groove coupled with 3 fantastic brass players. You and your guests are going to be dancing, moving and grooving to this unique performance all night. 3 x 30 minute performances is our thing. Get in touch now to reserve your date.

12 Drummers
A main feature of your event, with it’s full sound our 12 piece performance makes an impact that will be remembered! It’s loud, intrusive and will be felt as much as it is heard by your audience.

20 Drummers
Massive drums, massive sound and a dominant presence. You and your guests will get to experience the ultimate in drumming performances. 20 highly skilled drummers performing a combination of African, Latin and contemporary beats on our drums – this performance is what you’ve been looking for (check out our performance show reel to see what we do).

20 + Drummers
See ’20 piece’ above, adding as many drummers as you wish. Even 200 drummers I hear you say? if your budget fits and the time is right we will do it again.

2 Drummers or less
Sometimes our clients just want one or two drummers to add a little background texture to their event or party. This we can do. You will get either two djembe players (the traditional African drum that looks a little bit like an hourglass) or a djembe player and one playing djunn djunn (bass melodies on drums).

Team Building

Can BassToneSlap source the venue?

Yes! let us know your preferred location and we will organise it all for you.

Can BassToneSlap organise catering and accommodation?

Yes! Give us a call and we will listen to your catering and accomodation requirements and satisfy them.


Please can you give me some ideas for my wedding?

Choose from any of the above performances or drumming workshops! As unusual as the experience might initially appear, it is!

We’re getting a name for ourselves by creating completely unique experiences at weddings.

Imagine being drummed down the aisle – completely unique and exciting for you and your family and friends to witness and experience.

Experiential Marketing

Will BassToneSlap wear our clients branded clothing?


Can we brand BassToneSlap’s drums with our logo?

Yes! Send us the file and we will print and fit the drum covering.