Drumming is powerful. It’s loud and everyone can relate to it in some way. Check out this video of the kind of quality drumming you can expect when you work with us:

Our clothing and drums branded with your message. Then, at a pre-determined event or location, we do ‘our thing’ bringing your event or marketing campaign to life with immediate effect.

BassToneSlap working with American Express as part of their Realise the Potential Experiential Marketing campaign:

The next video is the viral we recorded to complement the drumming experiential marketing experience we provided:

Guerrilla style Experiential Marketing:

Working with some of the big players in the marketing arena has already given us a behind the scenes insight into the world of experiential marketing. This insight helps us to step out of our performance shoes and see things from your perspective.

Experiential or guerrilla marketing activity, whatever fits with your brand. Let your imagination go wild! T-Mobile did a pretty good job at Liverpool Street and remember MSN Messenger when they took over NYC?

We can provide a ‘balls-out’, standalone fanfare, or something a little more refined depending on the brand, message & objectives. We can even team up with brand ambassadors to give an extra dimension to your product sampling or flyering.

You might like to check out our experiential case studies by clicking here or contact us now to request our experiential presentation. Maybe you just want to have a chat about your campaign to see where we might be of service to you.