Drumming Team Building

It’s fun, it works & we deliver. The videos on this page give you a taste of the kind of drumming experience you can expect when you choose a BassToneSlap Drumming Team Building event.

drumming teambuilding

How it works…
“As part of our departmental away day we wanted to do team building that was different and memorable but also something that was affordable and would not preclude anyone. BassToneSlap provided the perfect team building experience which was tailored to our needs, thanks to their excellent facilitators, and ended our day on a real high.”

SME to Fortune 500 you’re in the right place…

What Happens?

You’ll begin with a few basic technique exercises to warm up and help you feel comfortable with your drum, in readiness to play to and with your team. We ease you in with ice breakers to encourage you all to throw off any inhibitions and immerse yourself fully in the experience. You will experience grooves, get the chance to solo and even lead the team if you wish. This all culminates in a finale where we step up the energy to leave you and your team feeling a sense of achievement and satisfaction!

The energy produced by your team as drummers will create a truly special vibe and an impact that lasts a lifetime – contact us now to feel the power of the drum!

Benefits for you and your team:

  • Communication, leadership & creativity are nurtured through a brand new medium
  • The environment we create neutralizes any hierarchy or business politics
  • And, of course you enjoy a fun shared experience for your team!

Options you might like to consider:

  • Opening ceremonies, ice-breakers and finales for conferences and meetings

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Here are a few photos for your entertainment & to show you what you can expect when you experience Drumming Team Building with us:

The Science (in two quick quotes)

Psychotherapist Robert Friedman reports that stress relief is one of the drums greatest powers. “When one hits the drum, he or she is placed squarely in the here and now. Some of our stress is created from past or future thoughts of fear, worry or regrets but it is very difficult to be stressed in the present moment.”

Dr Barry Quinn, who has studied the brain for more than 11 years, found that the combined physical and mental coordination required to follow drum sequences boosted the body’s natural production of relaxing “alpha” brainwaves. Studies have proven that those with lower alpha brainwave activity have more stress.

Drumming team building is a team experience to write home about! Our team building events are exciting and deliver a broad range of corporate messages that can bring your team together.

Contact us now if you want to feel good drumming!

Oh, and to top it all off even the BBC have been raving about the physical and mental benefits of drumming:


More images from our recent events for you to check out:

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