Wedding Drumming

How to give yourself & your guests an exciting wedding experience!

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The thing that shocks me the most about Weddings today is the sheer volume of couples that are missing out by either:

a) having a standard, run of the mill, ‘off the shelf’ Wedding Day

b) being pressured into creating a day to meet others approval


c) not actually feeling & experiencing the day they really want to at their wedding

And it’s crazy when you stop and think about it…

Because it’s your day and your choice.

I mean, why would ANYONE spend their special day on anything other than what they really want or at the very least – on something that doesn’t give them a truly special and memorable day.

Because think about it…

If you had rock-solid certainty that you could have your special day include something different & truly memorable that EXCITES & INSPIRES everyone so much that it is talked about for years to come it would be no-brainer to create the day exactly as you desire it.

Now, even if you don’t choose BassToneSlap to bring an experience to your wedding day I hope you do create the day that YOU want.


Here’s How We Propose You Can Use Drummers to Create an Exciting & Memorable Wedding Day!

“Before I tell you how we can help you with that I want to let you in on a little secret. You’ve got to promise not to freak out or feel awkward about this… OK, here goes: Behind this website there are actually people! It was written by us, we’re human beings. My name is Richard & we’re a team of professional drummers who love to share our talent with you.”

Back to making your wedding fun & unforgettable…

You might like to consider:

- Professional Drummers to Drum You Down the Aisle (Latin / African Beats)

You pick the tempo & feel of beat from a selection we present to you

- A Drumming Workshop for You & Your Guests
Everyone gets a drum, we show you how to do it

- We Perform during your Champagne Reception as part of your Evening Entertainment
Just drummers (3 to 30 of us) or include brass

Know you’ve chosen someone you can trust to help make your special day EXTRA special.

Imagine, all of your guests & husband to be in the ceremony room awaiting your entrance. Your entrance to your wedding.

You can feel the energy of the room as you’re waiting just moments away.

Senses heightened, the anticipation is almost too much…

(Photo by thanks!)

Your ceremony was perfect, you’re first kiss as bride & groom elegant & appropriate.

By the time you’ve put pen to paper your drummers are poised & now ready to add an exciting texture & energy to your champagne reception…

(Photo by thanks!)

Contact us Now if you’d like to have a quick conversation to find out if BassToneSlap are right for your wedding.

We understand that sometimes it can be a bit of a worry making sure your guests have a good time, there is a lot of pressure on you & it might be the case that many of your guests are meeting for the first time.

If you are looking for something to break the ice at the beginning of your evening celebration you might like to consider a drumming workshop It’s a fun way to help your family & friends relax into your evening party!

And, as an extra bonus we can give you your very ‘First Drum Battle…’

We’re in increasingly high demand because of the unique nature of the experience we offer so get in touch to avoid disappointment. Call Us or Email Us Now & let us know which drumming options you might like to have as part of your wedding.

We’re drummers, at your service.

This is your day, create an experience…